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man and woman smiling while wearing safety gear

Safety Services

Reduce employee injuries and the resulting costs.

Hibbs-Hallmark & Co. Insurance offers the following safety services through Claims Administrative Services, Inc. (CAS) to help reduce employee injures and the resulting extra costs associated with injuries. Our safety staff is comprised of highly qualified individuals focused on keeping you and your employees safe and injury free. The cost of this service is a nominal hourly fee.

OSHA Survey and Assistance

Hibbs-Hallmark & Co. Insurance offers OSHA preparation services. We will do an OSHA style compliance inspection to assess your company's safety posture and provide you with recommendations to correct any noted violations. The cost of this service is $100.00 per hour.

CPR / First Aid Training

Hibbs-Hallmark & Co. Insurance offers CPR/First Aid training for your company. We provide training that is equivalent to the American Red Cross and American Heart Association. We train your employees to be first responders. This training will provide the necessary tools to respond to medical emergencies until professionally trained medical staff can arrive.

There is no need to wait for a medical emergency to occur at your company to realize that your staff is not adequately trained in CPR and first aid. For a nominal individual fee, we can train your employees to be first responders. On-site training is available for larger classes.

Safety Equipment and Products

Hibbs-Hallmark & Co. Insurance can provide you quality safety products at competitive prices. Our professional staff works with companies to help alleviate safety hazards and has arranged for volume discounts on the best products for your safety and janitorial needs.

We follow-up on all orders to ensure that you receive the products you ordered in a timely manner. Our professional staff can advise you on basic product pricing or contact our distributors for pricing, on specialty products.

Hearing Testing

Hibbs-Hallmark & Co. Insurance offers hearing testing for companies. The hearing tests adhere to all OSHA rules and requirements. A qualified Safety and Loss Control Representative will visit your facility to conduct the testing for a nominal fee.

Need more information?

For more information on CAS safety products and services, please tell us about your coverage needs and we’ll match you with the appropriate specialist who can help you achieve your goals.